Community & Early Learning

Hearing, Speech & Deaf Center’s early learning programs provide children with focused educational opportunities that help them develop language and literacy, overcome communication barriers, and prepare them for success in school and in life. Recognizing that the parent is the first and most important influence on a child, our programs also provide the parent education and resources necessary to create a supportive home environment.

Programs include:

Parent-Infant Program (PIP)

  • Benefits Deaf, hard-of-hearing and DeafBlind children ages 0-3
  • Family Centered Approach teaches families about child development milestones and monitors all developmental areas (cognition, communication, social-emotional, motor, and self-help) to help track your child’s progress
  • Individualized home visits, weekly parent groups, and a bilingual playgroup for PIP children and their siblings

Ned Behnke Speech Language Preschool

  • Serves children ages 3-5
  • Welcomes all children to nurture a love for learning through language, discovery and play through use of Creative Curriculum
  • Focuses on early handwriting, pre-literacy, alphabet, rhyming, speech and language
  • Provides an integrated classroom that develops social skills for children of all abilities
  • Offers optional speech therapy sessions

Rosen Family Preschool

  • Serves children ages 3-5
  • Offers an ASL/English bilingual learning environment that makes communication fully accessible to all, ensuring children have the tools and opportunity to thrive
  • Aimed at children who are deaf/hard of hearing/deafblind and other students who use ASL as a primary language
  • Scheduled as a full day preschool


Families benefit from services that focus on developing strong parenting skills and healthy family bonding, and improving parent-to-parent and parent-to-community connections. Each child has the opportunity for natural development of language, cognitive, and social skills, increasing their readiness to learn in preschool/kindergarten.