Ned Behnke Preschool

Our Unique Approach

Behnke Preschool is a unique Seattle preschool with an emphasis on language and literacy.  Our curriculum is progressive, developmental, and multi-sensory with individualization. We take a theme-based approach to learning and integrate early math, science, social studies, language, music, art, and social skills into fun and interactive activities.  The program includes:

  • Weekly “Behnke Bulletin” newsletter outlining targeted skills, vocabulary, and activities
  • A quarterly individualized progress report outlining strengths and weaknesses in the areas of social-emotional development, cognitive development, physical development, and speech, language, and literacy
  • Teachers hold degrees in early childhood education and speech and hearing sciences
  • Bi-annual (twice a year) one-on-one parent/teacher conferences
  • Weekly large and small group activities focusing on language and pre-literacy skill development
  • When appropriate, students can be pulled out of class for one-on-one speech-language therapy sessions during class hours.

Thank you for your interest in Behnke Preschool!  The process for enrollment consists of a classroom play visit with teachers and enrollment paperwork if accepted. This allows you to tour our facility and meet the teachers. To set up a visit, please call 206.323.5770 or e-mail

Volunteer at Seattle’s Behnke Preschool

For inquiries regarding gaining experience working with children in a fun, structured, and dynamic setting, please visit the Volunteer page or email

Family Preschool Testimonials

“Even though it has only been a couple of weeks, I am so thrilled with the progress Zachary is making at Behnke Preschool. He has said more new words in the past two weeks than he has in the past four months. He is trying sounds, he is repeating what we say more, and he is so much more relaxed than he used to be in verbal communication. This morning he used two new words in one sentence and I almost cried. Thanks so much for the great work you are doing with Zachary and all the kiddos.” — Behnke Preschool Parent

“Nothing in three years of [speech] therapy has worked so well for my son. Finally, something is helping my child! My son has made more progress in the last five months in Behnke Preschool than in all the prior three years of therapy combined – I am so thankful to HSDC for giving us hope for a bright future!” —Behnke Preschool Parent

“We really appreciate all of the time, effort, and attention to detail that the teachers put into making the classroom a special, fun, and engaging place for the kids. Awesome!” —Behnke Preschool Parent


View our Scholarship Guidelines to see if your family qualifies. To apply for a scholarship, complete a Scholarship Application, then mail, fax, or email it to our Director of Education.