A Behnke Success Story

Students at Ned Behnke Speech-Language Preschool

Students learning and having fun at Ned Behnke Speech-Language Preschool.

Caitlyn’s* parents were desperate. Their two-and-a-half year old daughter’s language and communication skills were lagging far behind her peers and she had started acting out in a more aggressive fashion. Without any way to make herself understood, she would take her frustration out on her brother and the children around her; often violently. If she entered kindergarten at a developmental level behind the rest of her peers, she would be in danger of never catching up.

Ned Behnke Speech-Language Preschool at Hearing, Speech & Deafness Center is designed to help children like Caitlyn communicate with confidence. The staff, trained in Speech-Language Pathology, create a language-rich learning environment by tying each lesson in to a broader theme, such as the circus, allowing students to have fun and develop critical language skills at the same time.

When Caitlyn entered Behnke Preschool, she saw immediate improvement. Activities like “Mouth Time” and “Sound Spot” taught her new sounds, letters, and words that she could use to express her feelings and needs. Behnke and HSDC’s Speech department also provided her with individual speech-language therapy to ensure that the language and vocabulary she learned were reinforced outside of the classroom.

Caitlyn is now four years old, and she recently tested at typical levels of language, cognitive, and social development! As she leaves Behnke, she’ll no longer need speech therapy and is well on her way to entering kindergarten at the same level as her typically developing peers. Her parents are ecstatic and have only wonderful things to say about Ned Behnke Preschool.

To learn more about Behnke, you can visit their website. To learn more about HSDC’s childhood education offerings and sign language classes, you can visit our Education page.

*Name changed to protect client confidentiality.