Assistive Listening Technology

Update on what’s happening with The Store at HSDC

As HSDC continues to grow and respond to the needs of our community and clients, we are excited to share the following news about The Store at HSDC (also known as the showroom) and Steve Hillson’s ongoing work at HSDC.

Beginning July 1st, Steve will have a new job title of Assisted Listening Devices Specialist and Technician.  Steve will continue to be available with ALD information, offering guidance and training to our community and clients by presenting at outreach events, hosting workshops, and meeting one on one with clients.  Appointments can be booked with Steve at our General Reception Desk.  Steve will continue to offer his Audiology Technician skills by providing triage of problems which Hearing Aid users experience and offering back up support for the Walk-In Service hour.

The Telecommunications Equipment Distribution (TED) equipment options will continue to be available at HSDC and located in the showroom area.  Support for these devices will continue to be offered by Steve with the addition of support from the Deaf & Hard of Hearing Services and Audiology staff members.

There is a lot happening at HSDC!  We are excited to be working on all the changes and logistics to improve how we serve our clients and our community.