Speech & Aural (Re)habilitation

At HSDC we work with community members of all ages who experience a variety of speech challenges and those who are learning to live with hearing loss.  Our goal is to connect on your own terms and remove communication barriers

We provide comprehensive Speech and Aural (Re)habilitation evaluations as well as individual therapy and group sessions.

Our staff of speech-language pathologists holds Master’s degrees, state licenses, and national certification through the American Speech, Language & Hearing Association (ASHA). Additionally, some of our clinicians have the following specialty certifications:

  1. PROMPT Training
  2. Lee Silverman Voice Treatment – LSVT LOUD ®
  3. Aural (Re)habilitation

Please visit our Speech and Aural (Re)habilitation pages for detailed information on these programs and discover how we can help!

To schedule an appointment or learn more about our services, call 206.388.1300 or email speechadmin@hsdc.org. You can find more detailed information about making an appointment on our Scheduling Evaluations and Scheduling Speech Therapy pages.