Aural (Re)habilitation Services

Aural (re)habilitation therapies are designed to help you live well with hearing loss. There is no cure for hearing loss, and even with the best advances in listening technologies people with hearing difficulties face numerous communication challenges. Our speech-language pathologists work with both children and adults, individually and in groups, to find solutions to these challenges.

Individual therapy

Therapy is guided by a speech-language pathologist, and addresses:

  • Information and counseling about normal hearing, hearing loss, listening device technology, speech perception, and available resources
  • Communication strategies training
  • Speechreading/lipreading training
  • Auditory training
  • Articulation of speech sounds
  • Use and understanding of language

Communication Strategies Training

  1. Environmental tips to improve communication
  2. Tips for family and friends to improve communication
  3. Communication tips for the hard of hearing listener



Hearing loss affects the whole family; communication is a key part of maintaining healthy relationships with people you care about. A person with hearing loss might think they are “getting by” guessing at words they miss, but these guesses are often incorrect, leading to a range of reactions, from laughter to confusion to anger.  In working together, loved ones can begin to understand how hearing loss has affected their relationship and how best to move forward.

Does my insurance cover aural rehabilitation therapy?

Most private insurance companies cover this type of therapy.  When you express an interest in therapy, we will run a complimentary benefits check to find out your specific coverage.

What is the cost of the Communication Strategies for People with Hearing Loss class?

The class costs $150 for 2 people – the person with hearing loss and a communication partner.

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