Schedule a Speech Therapy Appointment

Scheduling the Appointment

  • Call our clinic at 206.388.1300 or email to schedule an appointment.
  • Therapy is generally scheduled for 45 minutes.
  • Therapy will generally be in one of the following formats:
    • One-to-one
    • Small Group: Some clients are seen in groups of 2 or more.  Training such as accent modification might be carried out in small groups.

When You Arrive

  • Bring your insurance card if applicable.
  • If you haven’t already, be sure to check with your insurance company to confirm that therapy is a covered service. In some cases, evaluations are covered but the therapy is not.
  • Call if you think you’ll be late.
  • Follow the Attendance Policy if you need to cancel. 
  • Follow the Attendance Policy if you or your child is sick. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What insurance companies do you take?

We accept most major insurance companies.

Will the therapist come to my home or go to my child’s school to deliver services?

At this time, HSDC speech therapists do not provide services at a patient’s home or school.

Do you assign homework?

Homework is often assigned to reinforce therapy goals.

What is my (the parent's) role in therapy?

Taking an active part in your child’s therapy program is essential. Completing homework assignments and reinforcing what your child is learning in therapy are important components to success.

How long will my child need to receive speech therapy?

Speech therapy programs are highly individualized. Progress depends on a number of factors and in many cases therapists can only estimate how long a child will need therapy.  Your child’s therapist would be the best source for discussing the length of time your child will be in therapy.

If my child receives services at school can he/she also get them at HSDC?


Do you have a waiting list?

We do not keep a waiting list.