Whether this is your first encounter with a deaf or hard of hearing student or you’ve been a deaf educator for years, HSDC is here to support you and your students both in and outside the classroom. We offer a wide variety of services supporting deaf, deafblind, and hard of hearing individuals, their families, and their support systems—from teacher trainings to one-on-one advocacy and everything in between.

Most likely, your deaf or hard of hearing student will come to your classroom with a plan already in place for their language and assistive technology needs. If they don’t, they need to work with your school’s special education department or disability services office to ensure they receive the accommodations they are entitled to under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

To learn how to better serve that student, or what resources are available to you as an educator, here’s a list of what HSDC has for you:

For K-12 Educators & College Educators

Teachers who are deaf or hard of hearing should consult our information on Workplace Accommodations or our pages for Deaf Community Members and Hard of Hearing or Late Deafened Adult, Youth & Families.