Late Deafened Adults

Hearing, Speech & Deaf Center supports late deafened adults with culturally appropriate services and staff dedicated to helping you connect with others on your own terms.

  • Case Management, Advocacy & Information and Referral Services are available at no cost to help determine your accommodation needs, understand how to ask for and acquire accommodations under the ADA, accomplish your goals, and much more! Client advocates are based in Seattle, Tacoma, and Bellingham, but serve clients in 13 counties across Western Washington.
  • The Audiology Clinic provides hearing tests, and can work with you to choose a hearing aid to fit your lifestyle.
  • Meet with an Assistive Listening Devices (ALD) Specialist to find the best clocks, phones and other assistive technology for you and your lifestyle.
  • Are you new to hearing aids? Or do you still struggle with every-day interactions because of your hearing loss? HSDC offers a Communication Strategies Class in partnership with the University of Washington School of Speech & Hearing Sciences to help you make the most of your assistive technologies.
  • SignOn Interpreting Services works with hard of hearing individuals across the nation, providing captioning, oral interpreting, lip-reading translation, and sign language interpreting both on-site and through video remote interpreting. Have a great experience with a specific interpreter? You can request them for your next appointment!