[image description: A dark blue banner, dotted with stars and circles like a shining glass. At the top, in the center, it says “Cocktails & Connections” in light blue, with a face mask that says “Virtual” hanging off the last letter. The event date is March 11, 2021, 5-6pm. In the bottom left and right corners are laptops that face the center, each with two hands emerging from the screen holding various cocktail glasses.]

Watch the Replay

Transcript and visual description

Cocktails & Connections raised over $120,000 for HSDC! Thank you to everybody who contributed and tuned in! We are grateful to have all of you as partners in our journey to create an inclusive, accessible world.

Now you can relive the amazing virtual celebration, including:

  • A special performance by ASL storyteller Christian Vasquez, co-founder of ASL Cart
  • Mixology with drag queen Aleksa Manila
  • A video hand-drawn and narrated by an HSDC client
  • An interview with Executive Director Lindsay Klarman

Feeling the spirit? You can still donate and support HSDC’s services.


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