Upcoming Events

September 22, 2018

Sheena McFeely will show her creative ASL stories at HSDC on September 22, 10am-noon.

  Sheena’s presentation is one of three HSDC events on September 22 and 23! Come and see Sheena’s amazingly creative American Sign Language (ASL) storytelling abilities! She’ll also talk about the power of language. This event is open to the public, and ASL interpreters can earn CEUs! Space is limited. Please register to attend.

More details: ASL Storytelling: Sheena McFeely

September 22, 2018

HSDC Interpreting Services will host an open house at HSDC, Saturday, September 22 from 1pm-4pm.

  The Open House is one of three events at HSDC on September 22 and 23! It is free and open to all sign language interpreters, as well as the general public. Meet Lindsay Klarman, HSDC’s Executive Director, and Bart Williams, the Director of Interpreting Services! Current staff and subcontractors can come to complete their…

More details: HSDC Interpreting Services Open House

January 1, 2018 — January 1, 2020

  HSDC enables people to meet and connect in meaningful ways within the communities we serve. This calendar shows upcoming events for the Deaf, hard of hearing, and American Sign Language communities, as well as events for people with communication differences, such as stuttering. If you have a suggestion for an event to add, please…

More details: HSDC Community Calendar