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Interpreting Services

HSDC Interpreting Services provides interpreting for the deaf and hard of hearing, for all events, occasions, and engagements. We offer both in-person and remote interpreting.

We provide the following interpreting services:

  • American Sign Language (ASL)
  • Signed English (PSE) transliteration
  • Signed Exact English (SEE)
  • Tactile and close visual interpretation for deafblind individuals
  • Oral translation for deaf or hard of hearing individuals who rely on speechreading
  • Lip-Reading Translation (LRT) for individuals who are unable to express themselves vocally due to tracheotomy or other physical disability

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Deaf & Hard of Hearing Services

We provide free case management, advocacy, information to deaf and hard of hearing individuals throughout Western Washington. In addition, we conduct outreach workshops for organizations who wish to better serve their deaf and hard of hearing clients, customers, and staff.

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Meeting Space for Rent

Our Seattle office has two meeting spaces for rent: a conference room for large gathering, and a small room for modest meetings.

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Deaf 101

Tips and strategies for interacting with Deaf and hard of hearing people in an accessible way.

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