Schedule an Evaluation

Steps for Scheduling an Evaluation

Step 1 – Check Availability of Services 

  • Call the Speech Clinic at  206.388.1300 or email to ensure we offer the type of service that will best meet your needs. You can also find more information on our Speech Services page.
  • If we do not have the type of specialist you are looking for, we can direct you to other resources. We can also answer any other questions you might have at that time about the evaluation process and the Speech Clinic.

For clients using insurance:

  • Call your doctor and ask for a referral.  In most cases, you do not need to make an appointment to see the doctor and the referral can be requested over the phone.
  • When you call the Speech Clinic, be sure to have your insurance information ready. We will run a complementary benefit outline. The benefit outline does not, however, guarantee coverage. Clients are responsible for knowing their coverage and financial responsibilities.

Step 2 – Schedule the Evaluation 

Evaluation appointments are generally scheduled for 1 hour and 15 minutes. 

For clients using insurance:

After we receive a doctor’s referral and your insurance information, we will call you to make an appointment.  It usually takes about two weeks from the time we receive the documentation to call you for the appointment.

For clients not using insurance:

Therapy that does not require a referral or insurance information can generally be scheduled over the phone or by email. 

Step 3 – Get the Intake Forms

  • Complete the intake documents listed under the “Speech Clinic” section of the Program Forms page.
  • Please contact 206.388.1300 or to request intake documents by email or US mail.
  • Bring completed intake documents to your evaluation appointment. 

When You Arrive

  • Please arrive at least 15 minutes before the evaluation to provide any additional information that might be needed and to give the clinician time to review the intake paperwork.
  • If you are unable to complete intake forms prior to your appointment for any reason, please come at least 30 minutes early to complete the forms.
  • Bring your insurance card if applicable.
  • Call if you think you’ll be late.
  • Follow the Attendance Policy if you need to cancel. 
  • Follow the Attendance Policy if you or your child is sick. 

We require that parents/guardians remain in the clinic waiting area during the evaluation in case the evaluator has any additional questions. Depending on the age of the child, parents/guardians may need to be present in the evaluation room during the assessment.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I need to bring in my intake paperwork?

Please bring in completed paperwork 15 minutes before your appointment time.  This gives the therapist time to review your paperwork prior to beginning the evaluation.

My doctor gave me a referral. Can I bring it to you the day of the evaluation or should I send it to you?

In most cases, evaluations cannot be conducted without a referral. Please send the referral to the clinic as soon as you receive it or call the doctor’s office and ask them to fax another copy to HSDC.

What insurance companies do you take?

We accept most major insurance companies.

How long will the evaluation take?

Evaluations are scheduled for one hour and fifteen minutes.

Do I (the parent) need to be present for the evaluation?

All parents/guardians must remain on Speech Clinic grounds during their child’s assessment in case the evaluator requires additional information. In some cases, in order to obtain the best possible test results, parents/guardians may need to accompany their child into the evaluation room. Parents/guardians of children under age 3 will always need to be present in the evaluation room.

Is there somewhere my other children can stay while my child is in the evaluation room?

Siblings may accompany parents into the observation room; however, they will be expected to observe or play quietly so that other clients are not disturbed. We do not provide toys or other activities for siblings.

If I get an evaluation with you, do I have to see you for therapy or can I go elsewhere?

You may take the evaluation elsewhere if you decide not have therapy at HSDC.

If I get a speech and language evaluation at HSDC, will I be guaranteed a spot on the schedule?

The Speech Clinic will make every effort to accommodate your scheduling needs.  However, because of variability in the schedule, we cannot guarantee that you will receive your preferred time slot.

Will the speech therapist who conducts the evaluation also provide the therapy?

Not necessarily. Therapist assignments are based on scheduling availability.

If my child receives services at school can he/she also get them at HSDC?


Do you have a waiting list?

We do not keep a waiting list.