Register for Cocktails & Connections

Thursday, March 11, 2021
5:00 – 6:00pm PST

Visit the event page for more information about the program.

If you’re unable to attend and want to donate, visit our Donate page.

Connection Kit

New Connection Kits orders are no longer available. If you previously requested a Connection Kit and have questions about your order, email us at

A photo of a bag, cocktail in a glass, and small bowl of nuts. The bag is paper, with the name Nue on the front. The orange cocktail is in a standard glass with ice. The nuts are in a blue and white bowl with a decorative leaf.

Connection Kits include:

  • A special cocktail mix. Add your favorite libation or make it a mocktail! (Glass not included.)
  • Delicious mixed nuts
  • A fun photo booth prop

Previously ordered kits are available for pick-up at one of our offices at the designated times below. A limited amount of delivery will be available for those who are unable to pick up their kit.

Connection Kit Pick-Up Times
HSDC Seattle
Capitol Hill Area
HSDC Tacoma
Downtown Area
HSDC Bellingham
Business District
  • March 8 (Monday), 10am-1pm
  • March 9 (Tuesday), 3pm-6pm
  • March 8 (Monday), 11am-2pm
  • March 9 (Tuesday), 3pm-6pm
  • March 8 (Monday), 11am-2pm
  • March 10 (Wednesday), 4pm-6pm

Thank You to Our Sponsors

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